Tabletop game Panther Battle

Rules to the tabletop game Panther Battle
Author — Juri Sheffer Estonia Tartu
Game for two players
  • Playfield divided into 192 squares and designed as a jungle.
  • 26 tokens in two colours, 24 of which are for the game and 2 a spare.
  • Dice showing the type and direction of the move. 
  • Game description in pictures
  • Rules
  • Take the tokens from the box. Place the tokens of the same colours in their positions.
  • Now we can start the game! 
  • The dice shows the direction and type of the move. White panthers make the first move.
  • Then, the other player makes the move.
  • Roll the dice and make the move in accordance with the pattern shown on the dice.
  • The dots show the number of the squares to move by. At first, it would be handy to check the symbol of the dice against the picture in the game description.
  • You can move the token forward, backward and sideways.
  • You cannot make the next move or continue your move if your token is in the enemy’s position.
  • The winner is the player whose team occupies all the squares of the enemy’s position.
Price: 25 EUR

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