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Art workshop «SCHEFFERWOOD» is engaged in manufacturing and sale of wooden paintings of various subjects ( abstract, landscape, city , nature , avant-garde , and more) . We offer a wide range of different products made of precious wood .
Price of the product is determined by the number and size and complexity. Our products complement the interior of your apartment, giving it a unique originality and elegance . Painting in intarsia technique also serve original and the best gift a loved one and will have no analogues .
Any wood products for the order !

Our motto - Fast, Cheap, qualitatively .

 Do you want to make an exclusive gift?
 Do you want to design the interior of your home or office ?
 empty space on the wall?
You can order any painting in the tree. You can choose from our database.
Submit by e-mail: any image found on the Internet.
You can order any size .
Tel. +372 50 58 654 / schefferwood

Give exclusive gifts ! Rejoice each other and decorate your life!
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